Examples of application
Restaurants, shops, malls
Prices, special offers
Shop advertisements
Prize games
Product information
General information

Cinemas, taverns, concerts, lounges, pubs
Program information
Sending addresses, phone numbers
Sending music and video files
Prize games
Sending games (Java, Flash, etc.)

Travel agencies
Travel offers
Special travel offers
Travel information
Video or image presentation of the travels offered

Schools, universities
Public information
Urgent information, reminders, "message board"
Organizing parties

Information on the services of the bank
New bank products
Investment, exchange etc. information

Gas stations
Prices, special offers
Shop advertisements
Traffic information

Exhibitions, conferences, events
Information on exhibitors, participants
General information on the event
Advertisements, sponsor messages
Prize games, special offers

Medical establishments
Consulting hours
General medical information
Health promotion campaigns
Medicine advertisements

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