Advantages of Bluetooth marketing:
  • Attractive and up-to-date form of marketing rarely used on a few places until now.
  • Addresses one of the significant target groups, the youth who actively use cell phones.
  • 24 hours of continuous, unlimited possibility for sending messages (No payment needed for each messages sent). The number of successful hits basically depends ont he number of people (devices) passing within the range.
  • Sending the advertisement material/content can be varied in time, according to the content of the material sent, and the capability of the receiver phone.
  • No supervision needed. It broadcasts the contents uploaded to the unit according to the pre-designed and edited "campaign program".
  • Independent: The operation does not depend on any permanent communication channel (LAN, Wifi, GPRS).
  • Perspective: The phones are getting smarter; the numbers of phones including "bluetooth" are continuously increasing.
  • Discreet. It is not considered as spam, receiving the message can be refused.
  • Result can be measured (the software provides statistics).
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